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Greenbrier College Alumnae Association
In the Beginning
By Bettie Sydenstricker Woodward, 1939-1944
Lewisburg, West Virginia
Because of two fires and the sale of the school to the state of West Virginia, many of the old records were destroyed or have gone missing. The earliest recorded information about an alumnae association was found in a bound composition book labeled:

"Roll and Treasurers Record of the General Alumnae Association of the Lewisburg Seminary. New Book opened May, 1907. Jane S. Price Dice, Sec. & Treas.”

The amount listed in the treasury was $16.15. Jane S. Price, later Mrs. John Dice, had an honor award created for her by her husband. It was "The Jane S. Price Dice Loving Cup.” This award was given to a member of the senior class chosen as the school´s most representative student.

The dates in this book were from 1907 to 1921 and not necessarily in chronological order. It appeared that the alumnae paid dues of twenty cents early on and one dollar as time progressed. There were also notations throughout the book of who was to be in charge of a banquet. No other information was given.

A newspaper clipping was found minus identification and date, but written in ink on it was a notation, "about 1920.” The clipping described an alumnae banquet held in Greenbrier Hall on Friday evening, June 28, year not given. From the listing of names it appeared that everyone in Lewisburg attended including husbands!

The alumnae association was composed of women in Lewisburg and surrounding areas. During the 1930’s an annual luncheon for these alumnae was held at the college and was scheduled as one of the events of commencement weekend.

In the late summer of 1982, ten years after the closing of Greenbrier College and Greenbrier Military School, Jack Horton called to ask if our GCW Lewisburg alumnae would be interested in joining the GMS group for a joint reunion. I thought we would and we did, thus began our present reunion activity.

Christine McGuire, Sue Sailor, Elaine Burton Pugh, Jane Dunn Matheny and Dorothy Judson Ford-Caldwell were the local alumnae who agreed to join in this first reunion. We were responsible for the food. It was held on the second Saturday evening in October and we had prepared for a probable number of two hundred, four hundred actually attended! Needless to say the food was not enough; however, everyone seemed to have a good time in spite of this.

The following year of 1983, the reunion had become a two-day event. On Friday night we had a beef barbeque at Glenwood Farm and the cadets had one in the quadrangle at GMS. This time our food was bountiful! A business meeting of GCW alumnae was held in the auditorium of Carnegie Hall and it was decided we would have a reunion every other year rather than annually as the cadets do. That evening we had a banquet in Fellowship Hall of the Old Stone Presbyterian Church. GMS had made arrangements with The Greenbrier Hotel for dinner and a dance which our alumnae could attend if they so desired. Sunday morning Old Stone Church had a special service for all retuning "cadets and girls.” As someone then said, where can you still be referred to as "cadets and girls” other than here in Lewisburg!

As time has progressed, Lewisburg has grown and changed, the college campus has come to life again with New River Community and Technical College in Greenbrier Hall and a visual and performing arts center in Carnegie Hall, so have our reunions changed and grown. May they continue to be a time to come "home” to Greenbrier, to renew friendships, to enjoy food and fellowship, and to remember – all that Greenbrier has meant to us.
Susan Macdonald Grill, Greenbrier College Alumnae Association, PO Box 1158, Lewisburg, WV 24901.
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